Birds on Blue Switch Plates

Bird on Blue Switch Plate

Birds on Blue Switch Plate

Click to see these in Green or Tan:

Bird on Green Switch Plate   Bird on Tan Switch Plate

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Let me know what color bird(s) you want in the comments box when you check out.

single toggleSingle – $31.00

single outletOutlet – $31.00

double toggleDouble – $45.00

triple toggleTriple – $59.00

quadruple toggleQuadruple – $72.00


single rockerRocker – $31.00

double rockerDouble Rocker – $45.00

triple rockerTriple Rocker – $59.00


cableCable – $31.00

blankBlank – $31.00


double outletDouble Outlet – $45.00

double toggle/outletDouble Toggle/Outlet – $45.00

double toggle/rockerDouble Toggle/Rocker – $45.00

double rocker/outletDouble Rocker/Outlet – $45.00


triple toggle/toggle/outletTriple Toggle/Toggle/Outlet – $59.00

Other — click >>here<< to see more sizes & configurations; describe below and I’ll reply with price and availability.

Don’t forget to tell me what color bird(s) you want, in the comments box of the shopping cart!

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