• My clocks are made of polymer clay, mounted onto hardboard for stability.
  • Each has a high-quality, U.S.-made quartz movement with an on/off switch and a hanger.
  • Battery included? Of course!


  • Muted but slightly sparkly backgrounds. No paint! It’s all polymer clay, except the telephone wire legs.
  • Available in three background colors and two sizes.
  • Let me know in the comments box in the shopping cart what color birds you’d like. I suggest at least one red.

$ 88.00 / each

>>> Images are more or less to scale.

Birds on Blue Clock
Birds on Blue
Hands and “numbers” are usually dark blue.

Birds on Green Clock
Birds on Green
Hands and “numbers” are usually dark peach or rust color.

Birds on Tan Clock
Birds on Tan
Hands and “numbers” are usually dark peach or rust color.

What color background?       What size?      


  • Polymer clay textured with ancient imagery, embellished with an arrowhead, various techno components, and more. After it’s cured, I antique with acrylic paint.
  • The faux rusty clock face is actually a repurposed CD!
  • Available in brown or black, three shapes/sizes.
  • These photos are representative only; we’ll discuss specifics when you place your order.

$ 115.00 / each

>> Images are actually pretty close to scale.

Brown Artifact Clock - Rectangle
Rectangle Artifact
(shown in Brown)
approx. 5 x 7″

Black Artifact Clock - Triangle
Triangle Artifact
(shown in Black)
approx. 8 x 9″

Brown Artifact Clock - Long Rectangle
Long Rectangle Artifact
(shown in Brown)
approx. 12 x 4″

What color?       What size/shape?