Magnet Sets

  • Each piece is made of polymer clay, approx. 3/4″ diameter.
  • Super duper strong! I use Rare Earth (neodymium) magnets.
  • Each set contains five coordinating magnets, packaged on a black card in a clear protective sleeve.

$ 25.00 / set

Leafy Magnets
Natural textures in shades of green

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Groovy Magnets
Graphic patterns on bright colors

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Rocky Magnets
Textured lines and dots in subtle colors

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Starry Magnets
Rainbow-blended stars on black

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Hearts with Words Magnets

  • Hearts with Words magnetsThese are large (3″ wide x 2-1/2″ tall), boldly textured, magenta pink and fun!
  • Hand-stamped words or phrases that say just the right thing.
  • Or get a custom-worded heart!

$ 21.00 / each

Love Shack:     Hot Stuff:    Love You:

Be Mine:    I’m Yours:    XOXO!:

Woof!:     Meow!:     You Rock:

dixie chicken:     mmm… coffee:

Your own custom words on hearts — perhaps the name of your secret crush? Your dog? Your parole officer?
Custom hearts cannot be returned for exchange, because they are, ya know, custom.

What does your heart want to say?
$ 26.00 / each
Maximum 10 – 12 letters:

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I’m not averse to “dirty” words or phrases, but I also don’t want to offend anyone by including them here. If you want Hearts with Words like “Bitch” or “Spank Me!” or “Sexy Pants” and so on, just let me know! I reserve the right to refuse anything I’m not comfortable with, but that’s a small range. I cannot guarantee or be responsible for the reaction of anyone you give such a heart to.