Tiled Clock # 31

Tiled Clock # 31

approximately 6 x 10″

// sold //

This clock is a little larger than most of the tiled clocks I’ve made. The frame is black polymer clay that’s been textured and wrapped around to the back of the piece. The clock face is faux rust, achieved with polymer, embossing powder, and multiple applications and removals of acrylic paint.

The tiles were individually made over a course of months, and include texturing and antiquing, mica shift, surface paint manipulation, mokume gane, and more. One tile on the right side has a flattened spring and a diode (?) embedded, which were then treated to be corroded-looking. The number marks have gold leaf on them, and the hands are slightly textured.

As with all my clocks, this is mounted onto hardboard for stability and uses a high-quality, U.S.-made quartz movement with an on/off switch and a hanger. Battery is included.

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