Tiled Clock # 35

Tiled Clock # 35

approx. 7-1/2 x 7-1/2″

// sold //

The frame of this clock is made with black polymer clay that I textured with sandpaper and then tore to create the ragged edges. The face is sort of faux quartz, made of translucent polymer with inclusions. After curing, I antiqued it with copper acrylic paint to enhance the cracks.

The tiles were individually made over a course of months, and include texturing and antiquing, an image transfer I made after playing with patterns in CorelDraw, surface paint manipulation, caneworking, a little faux ivory, and more. See the tile on the top row, second from the left? That was inspired by a photo of a facial tattoo on an Australian aborigine; I carved and then backfilled the pattern. The number marks are eyelets and the hands have a little texture to ’em.

As with all my clocks, this is mounted onto hardboard for stability and uses a high-quality, U.S.-made quartz movement with an on/off switch and a hanger. Battery is included.

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