• Each clock has a high-quality, U.S.-made quartz movement with an on/off switch and a hanger.
  • Battery included, of course.

My most current, up-do-date, shall I say TIMELY, selection of clocks is available at:



  • Polymer clay textured with ancient imagery, embellished with an arrowhead, various techno components, and more. After it’s cured, I antique with acrylic paint.
  • The faux rusty clock face is actually a repurposed CD!
  • Available in brown or black, three shapes/sizes.
  • These photos are representative only; we’ll discuss specifics when you place your order.

$ 115.00

>> Images are actually pretty close to scale.

Brown Artifact Clock - Rectangle
Rectangle Artifact
(shown in Brown)
approx. 5 x 7″

Black Artifact Clock - Triangle
Triangle Artifact
(shown in Black)
approx. 8 x 9″

Brown Artifact Clock - Long Rectangle
Long Rectangle Artifact
(shown in Brown)
approx. 12 x 4″

What color?       What size/shape?