Artist Statement(s)

Number One

My recent work expresses the unifying bi-polar themes of the near-feral spirituality of (wo)mankind’s ambivalent embrace of its earthly roots and heavenly aspirations, and the emotional incongruity of balancing its yin nature with the samadhi-istic crest of unparalleled yang/exuberance. The balance of the contradictory ideals inherent in the chaotic nexus found deep within the resonating detritus of the human soul leads, through a series of fragmented nuances, to its ultimate destination — the self-actuated potential of the meta-spiritual nature of true artistic endeavor.

Number Two

The walrus was Paul.

Number Three

I’d get a job flippin’ burgers but I don’t know what I’d do with all the extra money.

And Number Four

I like cake.

There you have ’em! Real statements by a real artist!