• Each bird is individually hand-formed while I listen to super chill music.
  • Available in serene pearly white or fun bright colors.
  • Glossy shiny finish, because we love our bling!
  • The tail feather is securely glued into place.
  • The hanger is 18-gauge brass wire, which I hand-form and hammer for strength.

$ 32.00 each

White – How many? 

Colorful – How many? 

Give me an idea of what colors you’d like, but please be flexible in your interpretation. It will be better for both of us.

Click the bottom photo for some tailless color ideas.

Bold:  Choose body and wing colors – lime green, turquoise, blue, purple, magenta, fuchsia, orange.

Peaceful:  Slightly monochrome is nice. Light and dark turquoise, for instance.

Dramatic:  If you like red – and who doesn’t? – red with brown or black makes a statement.

I will send you a photo of 3 – 4 birds to choose from before I process your payment.


Bird Ornament (Orange with Fuchsia)

Bird Ornament (White)

Bird Ornament (turquoise with lime green)

Bird color ideas

Add Bird Ornaments to your order: