My light switch plates are made of polymer clay, cured onto a plastic switch plate from the local electric supply store. Mounting screws are included and painted to match. They fit any standard construction.

Here are some of the many configurations available:
If you don’t see what you need, please ask!

flowers on faux weather painted wood light switch platesFlowers & Faux Weathered Wood

Groovy Flower Texture
Lime Green, Purple, and Turquoise

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Sea Shells & Faux Weathered Painted Wood Light Switch PlatesSea Shells & Faux Weathered Wood


Sea Shells Texture
Seafoam Green, Turquoise, and Coral

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Japanese Waves & Faux Weathered Painted Wood Light Switch PlatesWaves & Faux Weathered Wood

Classic Japanese Waves Texture
Green, Blue, and Brick Red

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Abstract Face Switch PlatesAbstract Faces

Picasso-Inspired Abstract Faces
Personality Plus!

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Birds on Branches Light Switch PlatesBirds on Branches

Jaunty Birds
on Light Green, Blue, and Tan

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