Abstract FacesAbstract Face Light Switch Plates

I’m fascinated sometimes by people’s faces. So many options for chins and noses and eyebrows and cheekbones! Here’s my colorful take on the many  different faces we encounter daily.

Abstract Face Light Switch Plates
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Configuration ✦ Price

Single • $31.00single toggle

Outlet • $31.00single outlet

Double • $45.00double toggle

Triple • $59.00triple toggle

Quadruple • $72.00quadruple toggle

Rocker • $31.00single rocker

Double Rocker • $45.00double rocker

Triple Rocker • $59.00triple rocker

Cable • $31.00cable

Blank • $31.00blank

Dbl Outlet • $45.00double outlet

Dbl Toggle/Outlet • $45.00double toggle/outlet

Dbl Toggle/Rocker • $45.00double toggle/rocker

Dbl Rocker/Outlet • $45.00double rocker/outlet

Trp Tog/Tog/Out • $59.00triple toggle/toggle/outlet



If you need something not listed above, choose “other” and write a note in the comments/questions box of the shopping cart. I’ll get back to you with availability and price. Click >> here << to see many of the different sizes and configurations available.

  • Use the comments/questions box in the shopping cart to let me know what colors you do or don’t want. I’ll send you photos for you to choose from.

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